Monday, March 29, 2010

The Future of Food: A Documentary by Deborah Garcia

If he could look at our modern society, the thing would would strike the most terror in Thomas Jefferson's heart would be the takeover of the world's food supply by large international corporations. If American citizens are dependent upon distant business entities for their supply of food, they are not free citizens. A community that does not control its own food is a community that can be enslaved.

But the agribusiness corporations aren't stopping there. As this well-made 2005 documentary, The Future of Food, makes clear, the agribusiness corporations are busy genetically modifying their crops and using the power the courts to gradually strip away the ability of any farmer to control their own crops or even reusing seeds from their own plants. One day we will wake up and the only food we will be allowed to eat will have been legally patented by a corporation. It makes for disturbing viewing, but view it we must.

Watch the video below. I apologize for the unfortunate occasional corporate advertisment and advise the viewer to mute their computer when they come on.

What one learns from this film should have every 21st Century Jeffersonian up in arms.

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